On August 4th, at Moscow's Skolkovo Technopark The Digital Economic Forum was held.

This forum covered 8 areas, such as:

  • Development of DAPPs
  • Holding events dedicated to ICO
  • Industrial mining
  • Trading
  • Investing in cryptocurrency
  • Legalization of cryptocurrencies
  • Recruiting in the blockchain
  • Opportunities for Start-up

This forum focused on the legal part of the industry. To meet the needs of the participants and answer all of the questions Plekhanov’s Russian Economic University and Blockchain Lawyers Company held a two-hour panel discussion of the new law concerning legal framework and legal practices of working with cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.

Unique topics, no one has ever discussed before, was addressed at the Digital Economic Forum.

Nikita Kulikov talked about the new phenomenon of crypto-offshore.

Internet-bourgeois Andrei Ryabykh presented the way he sees our future as a part of a crypto concentration camp, where we cheerfully walk under the banners of blockchain enthusiasm. The scenario of “Black Mirror” TV series is unfolding in the world nowadays. And who knows what the future holds in store.

Dmitry Manchin shared the secrets of the successful attraction of investments in ICO, including a brief look at the Roadshow, which is oftentimes an absolutely unreasonable waste of resources. We do agree as a team with him and convinced that only PRIVATE PLACEMENT mainly works now. Yes, it’s more expensive, but it does work! Dmitry mentioned the importance of pitching to investors. Unfortunately, the vast majority of ICO projects underestimate the importance of pitching and as a result, they lose money. We know this, that is why we always focus the attention of the project at the preparation of an effective pitch.

And, it goes without any saying, that a welcoming and authentic ambiance for networking was created by the forum. I recommend you to follow the new conferences of the leaders on their website https://wdef.ru