The blockchain and cryptocurrency is the matter of concern of better minds of the planet and the leaders of the countries. Our world has changed tremendously and it will not be the same anymore. It is obvious for everybody.

That is why the government creates initiative groups to find solutions of how to settle problems that we are facing now in our life while we get used to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


Companies are constantly updating their services according to the new technologies in order not to lose their positions on the mass market.
New startups are trying to change the world and create a new highly impressive success story.
And absolutely every one of them has a huge number of issues that affect all of the areas of legal, economic, technical and international life of other industries.

Therefore, the only way to find solutions is to meet together and interact, to discuss issues.
That is why there are so many conferences devoted to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. But among them there are not so many truly global, bringing together leading experts from around the world. Such a conference was held on May 19-20 in Moscow.

It was a truly Global summit with a unique set of relevant topics, which brought together participants from 100 countries around the world!

The second day of the summit included the WORLD ICO SHOW-ICO-Pitch session with selected international projects and the best investors.

The conference was attended by more than 3,000 participants, more than 500 representatives from the mass media, more than 200 speakers from more than 100 countries. You can read about it following the link:

I can speak for myself and for some other participants I had the chance to interact with, we were both encouraged, inspired and had lots of insights on the things that we find of great interest lately.

German Klimenko stated the position of the government concerning the blockchain technology and it is following: hopefully, blockchain technology becomes an instrument against sanctions.

True decentralization process excludes the possibility of the influence of one country to a whole world, which is happening nowadays.

Why is it so important to be at such conferences?
In our life, everything is determined by instant decision-making. And to be able to act immediately you need to be one of the firsts who have the information. It’s only possible in places like this.

And of course, any conference is a great place for networking. Especially it refers to the after-party at the crypto bar and closed ICO shows.

Don’t miss the next event which is organized by International Association of Decentralized Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain (IDACB).

Link as follows: