How to raise money from China?

Here is 1-2-3.

The investment market right now moves from Silicon Valley to Shenzhen.

Chinese funds invest in crypto even it's banned.

We sent dozen ICO to those funds every month and here is what we have:

Step 1. You need real existing MVP focused on the Asian market

Before we start support any project, we double check with local incubators and blockchain expert. “Is it fundable in China?”

Step 2. You need local PR.

Even if your company has seen in Fortune or Forbes, it doesn't matter if it's not in local media

That's why we organize this pitch competition with symbolic investment prize, which allows creating massive PR in local media.

Step 3. You need face to face meetings with local funds.

The reason is that road shows do not work well without this part.

Big bosses don't visit zillion meetups.

For that reason, we provide 15-20 personal meetings with serious investment funds.

Don't miss the September event.

P.S. If you know any great project which is looking for investments please fill out the form by the link above. It creates goodwill for you and also we can reward you.