Private Pre-Sale ICO

Choose your option to move your ICO project forward!


Designed to close deals with big investors for tokens at the presale and public sale stages (with an exclusive offer)

Here’s how your private road show for investors:

  • You tell us about your project by filling out our survey
  • Our analysts screen your project based on 68 key parameters
  • If your project passes the screening stage, we sign the contract
  • Next, we send invitations to a closed list of 3,000 investors
  • We personally invite 10 to 35 special investors to a private event at a closed club or restaurant in NY
  • The next day we hold private meetings to close deals, signing LOIs and otherwise wrapping things up.

Can I see the results of your analysis?

Yes, of course you can!

So far, we’ve raised “X” dollars (or you could say “we’ve helped “X” projects with their funding if you don’t want to disclose $ amounts) for previous clients over the past “X” years.

Although we are legally bound by NDAs and unable to disclose their project details, we do have permission to share two of our success stories with you: POA Network and Paygine.

Check them out at the links below. If you’d like to speak with one of them personally, please let us know and we can connect you.

Some references from my fundraising partners:

Oracles Network

We helped POA raise 41,000 ETH (equal to $47 million at the time of a raise).


This ICO collected $851,989.08 USD during the Pre-ICO stage.

How much does a NY road show cost?

Expensive indeed…

We offer you two payment options for the roadshow:

  • $100к in advance payment by fiat, or
  • Crypto + 10% of the funds generated by the roadshow.

We use an official Wall Street broker-dealer for these transactions.


Do you work without advance payment?

No. We have enough projects who pay us for our services, so there is no reason for us to devote our time on clients who don’t value our work.

Do you offer any discounts?

We don’t offer any discounts. Please never ask for service discounts. By doing it, you create a win/lose relationship from the first meeting.

We prefer win/win partnerships.

Do you give any guarantees?

No, and in fact it is prohibited by law. If someone tries to give you a guarantee for this type of service, they are most likely a scam service. 

We do guarantee to organize meetings with 15-35 investors. But there can be no guarantee that all of them will give you money.

Ok, how much time will you need to prepare?

We need about 14 days from the moment we have received your advance payment after signing the contract with us.

Option #2 “Evangelist"

I become your evangelist for 2-3 months and sell tokens both at conferences and to investors from my list

Here’s what I will do for you

  • I put out a call to all my investors and hold one-on-one presentations with them about your project (the people on my list range from small investors with $50,000 to huge syndicates with $500 million to spend)
  • I pitch your project at 3-5 conferences per month
  • I gather new investor contacts for you
  • I make follow-up emails to them
  • Calls in a day
  • I help you sign LOIs
  • I close deals with these investors for you

Here’s what I require from you


You make me your project’s official adviser

Payment for participation

You pay for my participation in conferences and cover expenses for airfare, hotels, and taxi service.

My services

My services as an ambassador cost 2 BTC, which can be paid either by BTC or fiat + 10% from the money I will make for you (all deals are made through an official broker-dealer). 0

For my most recent client, Bank4You, I have been working on their behalf for 1 month and I’ve already gotten them commitments for $3,000,000 with fund of millenium blockchain after participation in 3 conferences: CoinAgenda Las Vegas, WSEF San Francisco, and Bitcoin Miami

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. 


Who I am and what I do

I like the excitement of working with startups in their early stages. Working with big corporations bores me terribly.
I have been involved in advertising campaigns since my university years. It was really easy for me to win advertising contests like MIRACLE 2002 and 2003, and I spent some time doing political work(elections) before it became bogged down by administration.

To learn how to promote in the corporate sphere, I worked as an employee from 2005 up to 2008 as a brand manager. Our product was photographic paper, and in the course of 4 years we occupied 9%  of the market with our new brand, PRIVISION, and our turnover was $4,000,000.

alex at conference

I resigned when the economic crisis began and started my own business producing digital products on the internet. The total profit from the courses I sold amounted to $1 million. I also hosted two reality shows in Spain and Thailand. In these shows, people were “imprisoned” on a villa and forced to do business. The tickets sales turned out to be very profitable. I had a chance to visit 54 countries and even wrote a book that became a bestseller.

At the same time, I worked with Ilya Churakov creating our start-up platform for webinars, ExpertSystem. We set a Guinness World Record for having gathered 12,012 viewers on our live broadcast in 2012. This was a real turning point for our platform. It was like a bomb went off. From all the buzz we generated, we had more than 200 publications and offers from investors after that.

In 2016, I moved to Silicon Valley. I enrolled in the Founder Institute incubator in Palo Alto. The year I graduated from the Founder Institute, only 5 out of 36 of my classmates survived the intense curriculum. It gave me connections with mentors and advisors in the Valley. I also got an O-1 visa for “geniuses”, which has enabled me to continue living and working in the States as a founder and evangelist. I now reside in San Francisco where I’m currently developing my educational platform, SUNGRAD.

I do fundraising and consulting for ICO projects (charging very high fees) and go surfing in the Pacific. One time I collect enough money to run my own ico.
So If you need investment for your ICO, start by filling out this form and I will contact you soon.