October HK Event

Fall 2018 fundraising season started!

We bring 11 ICO to Asian investors in Hong Kong, so what?

The best way to start in Asia is to create positive news about ICO, because of too many bad news about regulations and crypto loses.

If you want to live in the better world – create one.

That’s why we invite 300 investors to Hong Kong into 5-star Cordis hotel. on 555 Shanghai Street to meet 11 startups for pitch competition.

Tony Tong – famous investor in China open the event

Who is Tony Tong?

Co-Chairman at Hong Kong Blockchain Association

Chief Strategy Officer at Madison-Group.com.hk 麦迪森区块链 Blockchain Investment ( Listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange 8057-HK)

SuperAngelVentures (SAV) is a group of super-angel investors and serial entrepreneurs started in Cyberport Hong Kong in 2016, and led by the co-founders of Pacific Financial, iTM Ventures, OES Capital, Dana Asset Management.

We are proud to present projects to his network of super-angel investors in HK.

Pitch competition is one of the best ways to create goodwill for the company and get feedback from investors.

Only pitches. Only hardcore. People come to invest, not to learn.

Who are the judges?

  • Maurice Guindy    Managing Partner    Next Level
  • Jeans Tang    HKBA Ambassador    HKBA, Hong Kong Blockchain Association
  • Jeffrey Wei    Managing Partner    Wei Capital Management
  • Josh or Calvin    General Partner    Plutus VC
  • Chad or Stephen    Co-Founder    Crypto IB
  • Elizabeth Yeung    Co-Founder    Ignite
  • Ellis Gyongyos”    Founder    Know Your Token
  • Arthur Adams    CEO    SAI Bank
  • Bowie Lau”    Founder    Magespire
  • James Haft    Founder    Crypto Oracle
  • Kenji Ito    CEO    Coin Otaku
  • Phillip Wong    Vice Chairman    HKBA, Hong Kong Blockchain Association

Blockchain community voted for their award!

Networking forever. One of our ICO-client has just committed a 1mm deal from this event.

Nebula gets 17(!) meeting request from investors right after the pitch!

Who said ICO dead? It’s alive until you keep going.

Whats next?

Our clients move to Shenzhen to private meetings with investors.

Usually, they will get 10-35 meetings with serious funds only.

Apply if you are ready to meet investors



10th Bitcoin Whitepaper Birthday Anniversary

October 30-31, more than 200 cryptoenthusiasts from 10 different countries will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin White Paper in Tbilisi

10 years ago, on October 31, 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto published Bitcoin “White paper” – new P2P electronic cash. He challenged the fiat financial system, the one that
provokes crises. During these 10 years bitcoin not just survived, but fledged.

Tens of new millionaires appeared in the world. Blockchain abolished all those numerous agents. Mankind finally can get rid of the power that governments and banks have over money.

Cryptoindustry – a new economic field – was born. And now it unites tens of thousands of people around the world.

Digital Economy Association of Georgia (DEAG) invites everyone who considers blockchain and bitcoin an important issue to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin White Paper on October 30-31, 2018 in the capital of Crypto-Georgia – Tbilisi.

More details here  https://www.bitcoinbirthday.info/

Over 200 guests from 10 different countries will get intensive networking possibilities during these two days in a mild Georgian weather. Our speakers
will precise 10 years of bitcoin and share their ideas for 2019-2020.

Representatives from the Georgian Government will speak about the opportunities in Crypto-Georgia. Collaboration agreements between the crypto-communities and
government representatives of different countries will also be signed.

Georgian Mining Association will show you the opportunities Georgia has for mining and will take you on a trip to the mining farm. Chinese and other foreign investors will have a chance to learn about Georgian crypto projects and projects from other countries. We shall also announce Great Crypto Georgian Tour 2019.

You will get a great crypto-banquet with merry national Georgian dances and songs, “birthday” cake-cutting in midnight and a DJ. You will chill-out till early morning and get a unique chance to try Georgian vine and take part in a master class where you will learn to cook khachapuri and khinkali.

The celebration is organised via crowd-funding. Participants buy tokens – tickets – only with Bitcoin. There are participants tokens and sponsor tokens.
The latter give you the possibility for a banner in a demonstration area, bring a couple of friends and become a speaker. The number of participants is limited to 250 people. The celebration will take place in a modern hall in Tbilisi and will be covered by Georgian Media.

👉 Get ready to discover Crypto Georgia and reserve your tokens for the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin White Paper at website https://www.bitcoinbirthday.info/.

VIII Kyiv Blockchain Forum

September 3, 2018, in the concert hall “OASIS” (Lipkivsky, 1A) – will be held the VIII Kyiv Blockchain Forum, international event devoted to Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency sphere.

Two threads of the Forum will allow everyone to find themselves in crypto-reality, we will discuss:


  • ICO 2018 – Trends in the formation of a mature investment market;
  • guides for beginners – how to buy crypto and not to lose money;
  • crypto-trading – success is relative;
  • implementation cases of Blockchain technology in business;
  • legalization of crypto-assets – for whom the law of digital assets is beneficial;
  • Blockchain development – smart contracts and own platform.


The forum welcomes high-quality content, a friendly community and an atmosphere of perception of the ideals of cryptographic freedom. In particular, the VR zone will allow attendies to feel the spirit of a new reality, and a demonstration of Paytomat technology will give you ability to try the crypto-currency economic model in action.


Aeneas political blockchain startup will offer users the opportunity to raise funds and implement their own socially-oriented political projects, including lobbying community interests.


A demonstration area of ​​700 m2 will allow industry representatives to showcase their achievements and developments of 2018, while visitors will be introduced to cutting-edge technologies and have a chance to meet their creators in a relaxed atmosphere.


The event will be interesting to everyone who is not indifferent to the sphere of crypto, who is open to the new and is ready to create Blockchain Reality with us!


Schedule of the event and list of speakers could be discovered on official website:

http://kyiv.blockchainforum.com .


To book tickets (800 ukrainian hryvnas) visit: https://2event.com/uk/events/1464828


Organizer of Kyiv Blockchain Forum: Gesellberg Cryptofinance.

Public page: https://www.facebook.com/events/152647928798769/

Blockchain Forum in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kyivblockchainforum/

Phone: +380 97 939 13 33
E-mail: info@blockchainforum.com

How to raise money from China?


How to raise money from China?

Here is 1-2-3.

The investment market right now moves from Silicon Valley to Shenzhen.

Chinese funds invest in crypto even it’s banned.

We sent dozen ICO to those funds every month and here is what we have:

Step 1. You need real existing MVP focused on the Asian market

Before we start support any project, we double check with local incubators and blockchain expert. “Is it fundable in China?”

Step 2. You need local PR.

Even if your company has seen in Fortune or Forbes, it doesn’t matter if it’s not in local media

That’s why we organize this pitch competition with symbolic investment prize, which allows creating massive PR in local media.

Step 3. You need face to face meetings with local funds.

The reason is that road shows do not work well without this part.

Big bosses don’t visit zillion meetups.

For that reason, we provide 15-20 personal meetings with serious investment funds.

Don’t miss the September event.

P.S. If you know any great project which is looking for investments please fill out the form by the link above. It creates goodwill for you and also we can reward you.

DeCenter #CryptoBBQ

DeCenter #CryptoBBQ is the first open air conference on blockchain technologies, ICO and cryptocurrencies. Participants will enjoy workshops from the most reputable experts in blockchain and digital market, crypto exhibition, networking, summer entertainment  and… a ton of barbecue.

  • Date: August, 23
  • Venue: Russia, Moscow, BereZy Park
  • Participants: 1000

The speakers will be the best blockchain experts from Russia, Europe, Asia and the USA . Among the speakers of 30 workshops: Pavel Novikov, director of the development center of FinTech&Blockchain of the SKOLKOVO Foundation; Boris Akimov, CEO of LavkaLavka and Biocoin; Nikolay Velichko (HeadHunter), Ruslan Usufov, Director for special projects of Group-IB and others.

We decided to divide the whole territory of the park into several zones: halls for workshops, active games, crypto-fair, food trucks and big exhibition of companies from the crypto industry.


The Digital Economic Forum

On August 4th, at Moscow's Skolkovo Technopark The Digital Economic Forum was held.

This forum covered 8 areas, such as:

  • Development of DAPPs
  • Holding events dedicated to ICO
  • Industrial mining
  • Trading
  • Investing in cryptocurrency
  • Legalization of cryptocurrencies
  • Recruiting in the blockchain
  • Opportunities for Start-up

This forum focused on the legal part of the industry. To meet the needs of the participants and answer all of the questions Plekhanov’s Russian Economic University and Blockchain Lawyers Company held a two-hour panel discussion of the new law concerning legal framework and legal practices of working with cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.

Unique topics, no one has ever discussed before, was addressed at the Digital Economic Forum.

Nikita Kulikov talked about the new phenomenon of crypto-offshore.

Internet-bourgeois Andrei Ryabykh presented the way he sees our future as a part of a crypto concentration camp, where we cheerfully walk under the banners of blockchain enthusiasm. The scenario of “Black Mirror” TV series is unfolding in the world nowadays. And who knows what the future holds in store.

Dmitry Manchin shared the secrets of the successful attraction of investments in ICO, including a brief look at the Roadshow, which is oftentimes an absolutely unreasonable waste of resources. We do agree as a team with him and convinced that only PRIVATE PLACEMENT mainly works now. Yes, it’s more expensive, but it does work! Dmitry mentioned the importance of pitching to investors. Unfortunately, the vast majority of ICO projects underestimate the importance of pitching and as a result, they lose money. We know this, that is why we always focus the attention of the project at the preparation of an effective pitch.

And, it goes without any saying, that a welcoming and authentic ambiance for networking was created by the forum. I recommend you to follow the new conferences of the leaders on their website https://wdef.ru

The Russian Blockchain week ended up in Skolkovo.

The Russian Blockchain week ended up in Skolkovo. A few days of immersion in the industry of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

There is no better place as this innovative city to hold a conference on one of the most leading and most discussed things of our world.

The conference has started with training programs that were held on the basis of the leading economic Russian University of G. V. Plekhanov. The participants learned the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies and as a result got a certificate that confirms the fact they finished the course.
It was way useful content, and we had a lot of it.

More than 70 speakers discussed following subjects:

investments and trading; Blockchain for business; ICO; Financial technologies and a number of other issues.

The detailed program of the talks can be found here: blockchainweek.moscow

Dozens of Startups were able to participate in the Hackathon, where they compete
in the intellectual battle for the right to become the winner of the largest blockchain hackathon in the CIS and get 200 thousand rubles.

And as usual, great networking opportunities have been provided. For me personally, to be able to interact is the main trait of any Convention. The conference is over. A closed networking dinner was held in an old mansion.

The world summit of the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency is the matter of concern of better minds of the planet and the leaders of the countries. Our world has changed tremendously and it will not be the same anymore. It is obvious for everybody.

That is why the government creates initiative groups to find solutions of how to settle problems that we are facing now in our life while we get used to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


Companies are constantly updating their services according to the new technologies in order not to lose their positions on the mass market.
New startups are trying to change the world and create a new highly impressive success story.
And absolutely every one of them has a huge number of issues that affect all of the areas of legal, economic, technical and international life of other industries.

Therefore, the only way to find solutions is to meet together and interact, to discuss issues.
That is why there are so many conferences devoted to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. But among them there are not so many truly global, bringing together leading experts from around the world. Such a conference was held on May 19-20 in Moscow.

It was a truly Global summit with a unique set of relevant topics, which brought together participants from 100 countries around the world!

The second day of the summit included the WORLD ICO SHOW-ICO-Pitch session with selected international projects and the best investors.

The conference was attended by more than 3,000 participants, more than 500 representatives from the mass media, more than 200 speakers from more than 100 countries. You can read about it following the link: wbcsummit.org

I can speak for myself and for some other participants I had the chance to interact with, we were both encouraged, inspired and had lots of insights on the things that we find of great interest lately.

German Klimenko stated the position of the government concerning the blockchain technology and it is following: hopefully, blockchain technology becomes an instrument against sanctions.

True decentralization process excludes the possibility of the influence of one country to a whole world, which is happening nowadays.

Why is it so important to be at such conferences?
In our life, everything is determined by instant decision-making. And to be able to act immediately you need to be one of the firsts who have the information. It’s only possible in places like this.

And of course, any conference is a great place for networking. Especially it refers to the after-party at the crypto bar and closed ICO shows.

Don’t miss the next event which is organized by International Association of Decentralized Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain (IDACB).

Link as follows: wbrshow.idacb.com

Blockchain Conference Russia

To be at the right time in the right place is one of the key ingredients of success stories. It is true to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Nowadays this market is at its development, it could be described as the times of the “wild West”, the times when everything is only formatting into something new, the times when you either create conditions for your future or pass that opportunity by.

Brilliant minds encourage us to move fast forward in terms of technologies. Other projects who has recently stepped to this path and aren’t known yet try to find their niche and learn how to earn at this market. And world leaders are puzzled and confused because they don’t know how to regulate this market and is it possible at all to adjust it to existing rules of the law.

It appears that there are more questions than answers concerning this matter and that is why there are so many conferences on blockchain and cryptocurrency are held all over the world.

The seventh conference and exhibition of the Blockchain Conference Russia was hosted on April 17-18.

The conference was devoted to such topics as blockchain, cryptocurrencies and a new type of investment — ICO.

Speakers and participants discussed following topics at two different platforms:

“FINTECH and its policy”. Blockchain at Fintech and Govtech. ICO: investors and sponsors point of view. Rules of cryptocurrency trading.

Read more about conferences in Moscow here

“Marketing and Development”. Technical support of the blockchain. Smart contracts and features of development at different blockchain platforms. Marketing of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects: how to promote the product at mass media, social networks and searching engines.

For detailed agenda and who were the speakers at the conference, please, follow the link: https://moscow.bc.events/EN

Blockchain industry is rapidly developing, and its development goes incredibly fast. For that reason it attracts so many projects that want to become part of this story.
As a result we can see: taxi based on blockchain payment, model business, events planning, logistics and all of this of course has blockchain technology at its foundation.
To go further, we have already heard about crypto cats, parrots have become crypto too :))))

It goes without saying that more obvious projects were presented at the exhibition area such as Universal Marketing Coin – UMC is the first platform for managing paid content and creating SMART-advertising in instant messengers.

IT-Sphere is an open source Blockchain platform for IT-market participants. It brings together developers of digital products, outsource developers, investors and experts at the IT area.

Joys is an open blockchain platform. You can pay part of your purchase or a whole price of the goods using any cryptocurrency available for you, and more importantly you can do it all around the world and absolutely legally.

Talao – The smart way to access smart people with Blockchain.

Money Rebel – Entrance to crypto powered by AI and a marketplace of advisors.

It goes without saying that Bitcoin-miners (and projects that serve this area) has loudly declared themselves, including one of theirs main projects – Acron – a highly efficient industrial mining with its own ecosystem.

A number of trading platforms were introduced at the conference, including Zeon – The Most Powerful Trading Platform for cryptocurrency markets.

Besides networking, the participants of the conference got answers to a number of their questions about further development of the industry, including legal questions, about the future of ICO, mining and cryptocurrency trading. All of this gives you a chance to find your own place in the future that has already came and monetize your talents. It was definitely the right place and the right time.

You can take my word, I do recommend the upcoming events of the hosts of Blockchain Conference Russia. The next one will be Prague, May 17.
And others are yet to come: Helsinki, Sydney, London, Tbilisi, Paris, Malta.
See you there!

May Tour of China

We are excited to announce May Tour of China.

Chinese investment market for blockchain projects is alive and prospering.

Projects visiting for May Tour of China will have fantastic opportunity to pitch in 4 blockchain capitals of China (think of 40+ crypto investors at each meetup, preparation of meetings and foolow up iR support for every project).

Please check the schedule below:

  • Shanghai – May, 23
  • Hangzhou – May,25
  • Shenzhen – May, 28
  • Chengdu – May, 30

You can apply for the May Tour of China HERE