To be at the right time in the right place is one of the key ingredients of success stories. It is true to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Nowadays this market is at its development, it could be described as the times of the “wild West”, the times when everything is only formatting into something new, the times when you either create conditions for your future or pass that opportunity by.

Brilliant minds encourage us to move fast forward in terms of technologies. Other projects who has recently stepped to this path and aren’t known yet try to find their niche and learn how to earn at this market. And world leaders are puzzled and confused because they don’t know how to regulate this market and is it possible at all to adjust it to existing rules of the law.

It appears that there are more questions than answers concerning this matter and that is why there are so many conferences on blockchain and cryptocurrency are held all over the world.

The seventh conference and exhibition of the Blockchain Conference Russia was hosted on April 17-18.

The conference was devoted to such topics as blockchain, cryptocurrencies and a new type of investment — ICO.

Speakers and participants discussed following topics at two different platforms:

“FINTECH and its policy”. Blockchain at Fintech and Govtech. ICO: investors and sponsors point of view. Rules of cryptocurrency trading.

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“Marketing and Development”. Technical support of the blockchain. Smart contracts and features of development at different blockchain platforms. Marketing of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects: how to promote the product at mass media, social networks and searching engines.

For detailed agenda and who were the speakers at the conference, please, follow the link:

Blockchain industry is rapidly developing, and its development goes incredibly fast. For that reason it attracts so many projects that want to become part of this story.
As a result we can see: taxi based on blockchain payment, model business, events planning, logistics and all of this of course has blockchain technology at its foundation.
To go further, we have already heard about crypto cats, parrots have become crypto too :))))

It goes without saying that more obvious projects were presented at the exhibition area such as Universal Marketing Coin - UMC is the first platform for managing paid content and creating SMART-advertising in instant messengers.

IT-Sphere is an open source Blockchain platform for IT-market participants. It brings together developers of digital products, outsource developers, investors and experts at the IT area.

Joys is an open blockchain platform. You can pay part of your purchase or a whole price of the goods using any cryptocurrency available for you, and more importantly you can do it all around the world and absolutely legally.

Talao - The smart way to access smart people with Blockchain.

Money Rebel - Entrance to crypto powered by AI and a marketplace of advisors.

It goes without saying that Bitcoin-miners (and projects that serve this area) has loudly declared themselves, including one of theirs main projects - Acron - a highly efficient industrial mining with its own ecosystem.

A number of trading platforms were introduced at the conference, including Zeon - The Most Powerful Trading Platform for cryptocurrency markets.

Besides networking, the participants of the conference got answers to a number of their questions about further development of the industry, including legal questions, about the future of ICO, mining and cryptocurrency trading. All of this gives you a chance to find your own place in the future that has already came and monetize your talents. It was definitely the right place and the right time.

You can take my word, I do recommend the upcoming events of the hosts of Blockchain Conference Russia. The next one will be Prague, May 17.
And others are yet to come: Helsinki, Sydney, London, Tbilisi, Paris, Malta.
See you there!