ICO fundraising is dying. Companies spent money, fly to Asia pitсh in front of group 30-40 people. Moreover, get nothing.


Top reason:

Maybe those people in the room are not real investors. That may be the truth. Some roadshow agents fill those rooms with people from local websites like Meetup and Eventbrite; they just come for free food.


Meet face to face with funds. Best way to raise money is a right old way: meet with investment funds directly. Now you can get access to our investors' network. We have good experience with the private placement.

What is the "private placement"?

It is one-on-one meetings with investors. That’s the most effective way to raise money.

Usually, the private placement is the most expensive service. We charged $100.000 upfront before, and most companies were not ready to pay it.

Then we decide to cut the price; you can get the 1-week private placement just for 3 BTC + 10% success fee.


1) If you don’t have a budget and borrow this 3BTC, then please don’t apply. Hotels, travel expenses and drinks with investor require an additional budget.

2) Be prepared to critic and be ready to make a new package for your ICO.

Let's talk about business:

We offer you a one-week private placement package, and you can raise around $3mm. We can give you a warranty that meetings will be with real investors. However, closing this deals is on your side.

Location: China, Shenzhen – HongKong (Face to face meetings with investment funds)

No discounts. We have only 5/10 spot left.

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